C. S. Peters previously worked for a large multinational company, for much of that time working as a Technical Writer and Editor. On leaving industry he started working as a freelance Historian and, subsequently, as a novelist. C. S. Peters currently lives with his family in the Chilterns countryside.

C. S. Peters wrote his novel On a Wing and a Prayer as a form of tribute to the people of the RAF and Armed and Merchant Services in the Second World War who served and fought to allow us to enjoy the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. It is also a grateful acknowledgement of the bravery and fortitude shown by those members of the numerous voluntary and civilian organisations and those who laboured so hard under great difficulties and dangers during the dark years of 1939 – 1945.

Ever Present Danger is the second novel from C. S. Peters in this genre. This novel as in his first, On a Wing and a Prayer, follows the continuing story of the Graham family during World War 2 and begins in 1942.

C S Peters